Warm snuggling, curious observing or drowsy snoozing. Babywearing has you covered. Whether it's a quick trip to the store or a long walk in the park, having a carrier can simplify your life all while keeping your baby close.

At Little Green Wolf we specialize in bridging the gap between structured carriers and woven wraps. A wrap conversion leaves you enjoying the wide range of fabrics and styles available in woven wraps as well as the simplicity of a mei tai carrier.

A Little Green Wolf carrier combines beauty and functionality. Have a favourite wrap converted, pick one of our ready-made Green Wolf conversion carriers or try a Green Leaf mei tai constructed from a wide variety of fabrics and patterns. At Little Green Wolf we want to help you keep your baby close to you heart.

About Us

Here at Little Green Wolf we are passionate about babywearing. The benefits of babywearing are immense and the beauty of a carrier is a nice perk. We want to see every baby happily and safely carried where they should always be; close to your heart.