May, 2014

Hi all!

Things are slowing down fast here at Little Green Wolf as we wait for the arrival of our latest wolf cub. I've got a few stragglers here that I'm hoping to send out the door before I pop, but for the most part the shop is closed for the time being. Once things have settled in a bit and we've all adjusted to life with our newest family member I'll be back converting more gorgeous carriers! For now though, it's time to slow down and enjoy just being a family. Your patience with me as we adjust is appreciated. I've always tried to answer messages and emails as quickly as I can, but you'll have to bear with me now.

You may have noticed our new website! Hopefully you all find it much easier to navigate. We've added a bit of info, the registration link for your carrier is at the top and it's just all around prettier.

I've also received a few inquiries about ready made conversion. I'm hoping to offer a few more of these down the line, for now however I've only got the one. I've decided to leave it up in my Etsy shop for the time being, no guarantees on how long it stays though! Check out the link to my Etsy shop at the top for more info on that, but here's a picture. The greens are much greener, more of a spring green really. My photography skills are nowhere near on par with my sewing skills!

Keep your babies where they belong, close to your heart.

~Little Green Wolf